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Link Shrink 0.1

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I’ve just put together a 0.000000001 version of my URL shortening tool for Android, called “Link Shrink”.

It integrates into the Android OS fairly tightly, at the moment only through the “Share Page” actions (technically speaking, android.intent.action.SEND + android.intent.category.DEFAULT + text/plain, copied straight from the Android browser) so when browsing (or doing anything else that supports URL sharing) you can hit share, hit Link Shrink & it will generate a URL and send it back through the Share Page “intent” again so you can pass it on to SMS, email, delicious or whatever tickles your fancy.

Since it’s only a 0.1, it only supports the basics.

  • URL shortening using (and only
  • Users can optionally provide their own login & API key to add URLs to their account
  • The only option for what to do with the shortened URL is re-sharing

There are plans for the future though and I’m kinda sweet on this tiny little app so it’ll probably be sooner rather than later.

  • UI improvements
  • Better error handling (e.g. detect when attempting to shorten an already shortened URL)
  • More shortening services (if anyone has preferences please let me know, I only use
  • More things to do with shortened URLs, such as:
    • Provide text boxes with long & short URLs for copy & paste
    • Send directly to the clipboard
    • Open stats page
    • Prompt user every time for one of the above
  • Better configuration screen to support the above
  • Your idea here!

Ultimately though, the most important feature (URL shortening) is done & working fairly solidly on the emulator & my phone so I think I’ll let it loose on the market.  Please whack a comment in or email me if you have any feedback, problems, ideas or suggestions.

As always, the source is on Github, plus you can get the latest APK from my Dropbox, plus it’s on the market (scan the barcode below or click here if you’re on an Android phone).

Link Shrink QR code

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