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Awesome Algerian

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Wow… my first blog post.  I never thought the day would come where I had reason to tell the world something in ink as  I’ve always had trouble finding “content” worthy of publishing, despite the constant stream of rubbish I spill out on twitter & other social forums.  My new years resolution for 2009 was to get writing code & put something out there and in my typical style, I’ve left it to the very last minute.  My day job these days is particularly mundane & repetetive so I’ve been finding mental stimulation elsewhere, this week I spent my evenings learning Ruby & Rails, building the “Hello World” of web development – a single-serve site.

Announcing: Awesome Algerian, the world’s smallest in-joke & a showcase of the finest use of the Algerian font across the globe.  I built the functionality of the site including a posting model & user management using this YouTube tutorial and the guide for Authlogic.  My good friend dos4gw provided the hilarious foundation, designed the layout and some content.  User registration is currently open while those privvy to the joke sign up & posting is restricted to these users.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Ruby looks and feels so much more elegant than Perl
  • Ruby on Rails is super-easy to pull together a quick, functional website
  • Typeface.js is so much nicer than sIFR

What’s next:

  • Syndicate the content (RSS) – done!
  • Write tests
  • Clean up the routes
  • Try and break it

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